Why do I want to work with the military?

Patriot-Guard-photo-wWhy do I want to work with the military?

Is it because I was raised by an immigrant who loved our founding fathers and the twenty-eight principles used to create our country’s constitution?

Is it because the American flag was a source of comfort to me as a child traveling overseas and I pledged allegiance every time I saw one?

Perhaps it’s because I’m a sucker for a good super hero story and I view the military as the next best thing to superhero’s out there protecting my freedom.

Either way I have always enjoyed the personal stories of the men and women who have fought for what they believe in either on the battlefields or in the war rooms. Fighting for what you believe in takes conviction, courage and determination to stand when all else fails. I ask you, who wouldn’t want to be around that kind of inspirational energy?

I was married to a soldier and with that came an awakening realization that not all soldiers are the courageous heroes  I had made them out to be in my own mind. They are human and filled with imperfections. I had my struggles. So although that marriage did not last I learned a valuable lesson about our nations’ heroes. Committing your life to fight the enemy meant you had to battle your own demons, face other people’s perceived demons and live to fight another day. Then, if you survived all of that, you had t


o return to civilian life, to family and friends who lovedyou but at this point, didn’t really know you. You, the solider, the hero, are left to reconcile the differences.

This is why I want to work with the military and their families. To help them manage their experiences, make sense of their feelings and teach them how to reconcile the differences.

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