Why I value Sundays



This is not a religious post. But I will cover accountability, renewal, patience, tolerance and grace. Whew! That is quite a line up. Now,  just take a deep breathe and relax.

Sunday is my day off.  The work phone stays off.  I try to stay off the internet.

This is a real challenge given these “new fang-ell smart phones they have now.” (Please read with an image of a very wrinkled old lady but a twinkle in her eye).

I do feel very old, out of place, very un-hip,  denying myself access to the modern world by disconnecting. It is not uncommon for people to give me odd looks or even flat out disapproval when I tell them I unplug on Sundays.

Okay. In principal, people agree. It’s good to take a break and get away from it all. But, in reality, our world has become all about immediate gratification. If we don’t get a response from someone within an hour (and that’s being generous) than we assume they are ignoring us or something is wrong. The not so subtle message is that we must stay connected…at all times.

A sacred act is highly valued and important.

Why would you want to take such a measure as disconnecting from the world and the mulitple influences requiring your time on a hourly basis? Especially, when you are likely to experience the real possiblity of push back from people around you, not to mention, that you might miss something really, really important…like the latest entertainment gossip, FB post or youtube video.

Taking time to be apart allows (not guarantees) the opportunity to quite your mind, body, and maybe even your spirit. Left to stew in your own juices, if you will. You can take note of the week, take time to renew and develop patience for the discomfort of being disconnected.

Eventually, you will get to a point where you can review your choices, decide which were good and which could use improvement, understand and dare I say accept, your weaknesses … shocker indeed! So you can develop a positive tolerance for yourself and an accountability for what to do differently.

Grace comes from understanding. Through your work you will begin to empathize with others who are struggling.

You can show grace by allowing someone to feel your empathy without actually saying anything.

Now, I believe in God and through him all of this becomes a much deeper and a more powerful experience. However, do not be dissuaded if you are not a believer. You can create a sacred time in your life and you will see positive affects.

For now, I encourage you to create a regular sacred time in your life.

May you feel and share grace this week.

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