Mother’s Day


Celebrating mother’s day isn’t always an easy thing.

For me, this week is bitter sweet. My mother and I were not close. Our relationship was not what either of us really wanted but we made the best of it. This came from acceptance of who we are, not who we wanted each other to be. Acceptance of this reality was not easy .

By now,  you realize that my mother is no longer alive and that too is bitter sweet. She was unhealthy for years and suffering for months before she passed. So I was happy to see her no longer miserable either physically or mentally. But now that she is gone the hope of having a more accepting, understanding relationship is gone too.

I do not glorify my mother nor do I villianize her.

I have, however, decided to not close the door of understanding my mother.  I have discovered that if we have unfinished business in life, we will be provide opportunities to process and heal.

I took up one of these opportunities  by visiting the south of France last spring. This was my mother’s favorite time of year and the Provenance region of France was one of her favorite places on Earth. So I went to find out why. I went to heal.

While on my journey, I took this picture. It is a linseed field in the countryside outside of Gaillac, France. I am a total sucker for a beautiful landscape, so this picture is meaningful to me on many levels. The colors are amazing in this shot but were even more amazing in person.

I discovered why my mother loved this area so much… it was the color, the rich history in every inch of landscape, the peace of the countryside and the character of each village and town. I am grateful for the opportunity.

I hope this mother’s day provides an opportunity for you to heal, enjoy and accept.




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  • Tammy Clay
    Posted May 9, 2014 at 4:51 pm | Permalink

    Beautiful Helena! Big Hugs to you xoxoxoxo
    Miss you my friend!

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