This week I have read several stories about unlikely companions. One was about a goat and a donkey, the other about a cat defending a child from a dog and the third about a child who befriended an elderly person in her neighborhood. Animal stories seem to be the most striking examples of “odd couples” and over coming the unbalance that comes from different personalities and and approaches to life.

IMG_0015 This is a picture of my terriers. Asta (on the right) is 12 and Emma is 3. The look on Asta’s face is very common in photos involving herself and any other critter in our pack (total of 3 dogs, 1 cat). She was an only pet for nine years and quite content to keep it that way. She got all the attention, all the treats and all the love. When Emma came into our life Asta was not amused. It took her several months to truly accept Emma. Asta will still bark on occasion if Emma danes to touch her while they rest near each other. Asta (like myself) enjoys her space and her alone time. Having said that, Asta does like the pack in her own way. She barks and wags her tail when the crew start running around the house, she happliy goes on walks with the gang and has been known on many occasions to sleep right next to any and all of them.

In other words, Asta has accepted her circumstance and for the most part makes the best of it. She barks and growls to express her displeasure and wags her tails, whines and wiggles when she is pleased. We all know how Asta feels about things and it makes it easy to work with her.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do this in our own lives. Speak up when we have concerns, listen to those around us, create space when we need it and play when others are playing.

This requires one special thing. Willingness, the willingness to know ourselves, our needs and to have the confidence and determination to work through them.

May you find the willingness to be inspired by those around you and the ability to move past or work with those who irritate you.

Arya and Luna

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