Be Brave


Seems simple enough, except that so often it seems impossible to face the thing you don’t want to face, to accept the truth of a circumstance you find yourself in, to feel the same old pain or emotion.

Bravery is rarely an act of heroism … rescuing someone from a burning building, saving an animal from certain death… It’s the routine experiences that requires bravery. Facing negative feelings, negative situations, taking accountability for your choices… These things are, at times, impossibly tough overwhelming waves that seem insurmountable.

You always have a choice. You can ignore the pain, the feeling, the situation… this often just delays the inevitable and in many cases creates further pain.

Or you can be brave. As a therapist, I encourage bravery… it is my sole purpose to walk with people in their darkest hour, to let them know I believe in them and I know they can get through this experience. As a person, I struggle. I want to be brave, to take on each challenge with courage and with the strength I imagine I need to get through what I am facing.

But there are times, circumstances that I face, when all I want to do is hide. In those times, the best I can do is stand in the moment and pray I will get through it.

Sometimes, to be brave all you need to do is stand and if you want someone to stand with you, all you need to do is ask.


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  • Torgny
    Posted June 10, 2014 at 3:07 pm | Permalink

    Yes, standing is right most of the time.
    A story of to beings walking on the Beach .
    Arguing at the footprints saying,
    – See I was walking alone all by myself…..
    – The footprints are mine, I was carrying you…….
    The last sentence was engraved on mother Gerds ring when she died.
    Chris now wears it. as she had lectured many Times usling that metaphore.
    So enduring something moments, go forward others,speak your mind,abiding silence and when we tread we soul down trodden
    Do it carefully becauce we tread on others dreames.
    Thanks for your thoughts and the photo of My own sister!

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