It’s all about the timing.

Luna and HelenaTiming.

Timing is key to delivering a joke.

Timing is critical when in triage of  a crisis.

Timing provides perspective to a sequence of events a person might otherwise miss.

In other words, timing is everything.

Recognizing the timing, now that is a gift, a talent, a life long pursuit?

I’m not sure if it is something that is innate or trained. I could argue both options or others in between for that matter. I will spare you the arguments and instead tell a story.

In truth, I have so many “timing” stories, especially recently, that it amazes me. Hence, the post.

I recently had photos taken of myself and the crew for my website and timing was a big issue. The grass you see in this picture was tall and rich with green goodness so asking the horses to not eat it while posing for photos was nearly impossible. On top of that, I’m a squinter, to the point that most of my photos are ruined with closed eyes. Finally, it was windy this day.

So this photo was a rare moment…a timing thing where everything came together to produce a memorable moment.

This horse came to me because of timing. I went to California to see a woman about a horse. A different horse from the one pictured above and although the trip did not work out for me and that horse. While I was there a friend contacted my about a draft mare she knew for sale and would I be interested in learning more about her. My friend didn’t know I was in California, where she and the horse were also located, so I said better yet I will come see her. As you can see the trip produced a horse after all just not the one I had in mind.

I have found when I seek out opportunities with an open mind timing can be an amazing thing.

I’d love to hear your timing stories please feel free to write them in the comments section.

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