Taking time for the important things

Image 1How is it already the end of July! Each year I feel like time moves by faster and faster. I talk to a friend and say I’ll call you in a few weeks and before I know it months have gone by.

We live in a fast pace society that dictates success by how much you get accomplished. So to be deemed “worthy”,  a person must pack productivity into every moment of each day. Time for friends and family? Not unless it makes the to do list and only then if it makes sense with our idea of productivity.

So how can we rest. When is it “allowed”?  During vacation? But preparing for vacation, means being extra productive to justify the time off, it is even more exhausting than your normal day to day. So you spend the first few days of vacation in zombie mode and by the time you feel better it’s time to go home and do it all again.

So what’s the solution….

Well, a solution is to take time each day to relax, appreciate and enjoy the moment.

I have had a crazy week with the kind of moments that would make anyone want to pull their hair out and scream at the top of their lungs.

But, I also had some amazing moments. Shannon and I did a demo for Behavioral Health Veterans Administration, veterans and their spouses on Wednesday. It was a great experience filled with powerful metaphors of how to cope with PTSD and emotional turbulence.Image

I spent the week with friends who were visiting from California and considering moving into Idaho. Their daughter, soon to be 8, is the  youngest cancer survivor I know. I’ve been blessed to be a part of her life throughout the whole ordeal and happy to provide horses she can love on while she healed.

Today, my sacred day of rest, was spent volunteering for a car show. As much as I would have liked to be quite today and disconnect from the world, I’m toke time to help others, support a good cause (raising money for educating children) and acted as the official photographer for the show.  I tried to take time to appreciate the quality of my life not the quantity.


How about you? Want to share how you spend your quality time? Please share in the comment section.

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