Finding the voice of reason in a world of noise


The news is a bit scary lately. If you follow what is going on internationally, you are likely alarmed at how various countries are treating each other or themselves. If you follow national news well let’s face it we are not much better… Whether you follow the news or not you feel the intensity of the emotional energy produced by all this activity.

Then we have our own lives, the daily challenges, the weekly obstacles, monthly expectations… All of this information can be overwhelming. The temptation is to ignore it, let it all become white noise churning in the background. This works for some people but for most of us, it’s just another stress placing a toll on our system. So what could we focus on?

How about the voice of reason…

The voice of reason?

It’s the quite one. The one we rarely take time to listen to.

It takes time to quite your mind, clear it of the noise and wait. Wait til that thought, emotion, or concern comes floating to the surface like a magic eight ball. That’s the voice you need to focus on, the one that will guide you through the day and help you stay on track. Taking time to work through these underling thoughts, emotions or concerns helps you as an individual stay focused so that you can better manage the other things that happen to you and around you.

This is a challenge but it’s rewarding if you give it a try. Want to share your experiences please do in the comment section.

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