Lessons learned from traveling


I’ve been fortunate to have done a lot of traveling in my life. My mother was very opinionated. So when it came to travel we had to dress for the occasion. This was an event! You were to be presentable as if you might run into royalty while seeking out your final destination. Sweatpants were not an option. Although I don’t wear a St John knit suit when I travel, I do attempt to pull my jeans assemble together with a nice silk scarf. Even though I have yet to meet royalty, I  have met several nice people along the way.

My mother also used the French word for travel, Aller, which directly translates “to be going, fare” she always said it translated to “work” … It was always a lot of work for her to travel… Dealing with all the people, the hectic nature of getting from one flight to another, settling into a new space…

She would have thrown in the towel on my most recent experience.

I moved recently so my timing to get to the airport was off.

I was running late.

I got to the airport in time to discover they had given up my seat and I could not board my flight which sat on the Tarmac taunting me. I got on the next flight instead. The window between landing and getting to the next flight was tighter but I was assured it would be ok. We left nine minutes late.

When we landed I ran to the next gate. They had just closed it.image

“We paged you three times. You were on the Alaskan flight that ran late… Yea we can’t let you on the plane. Yes, I understand it’s right there but the gate is closed. No, we can’t open it.”

So as I discussed my options I watched my plane taunting me… The second taunt of the day for those who are counting, then taxi and eventually fly away…

I got on the next flight. Ran to the next gate just in time to board only to find that the pilot broke his chair and we were delayed. We took off thirty minutes later. When we landed I rented a car and drove three hours to my final destination, without my suitcase…it was still flying.

I got to my hotel at four in the morning.

So the price for my being too comfortable with traveling was a LOT of work. My life lesson… Don’t risk getting too comfortable  and wear clothes you can look good in while you run through the airport.

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  • Ray Anschel
    Posted October 6, 2014 at 8:59 pm | Permalink

    Ah, the beauty of connections:) You had me chuckling.

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