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Baker boyNaming is serious business. There are thousands of books out there dedicated to names, their meaning and their origins. Names are often reflective of our personal tastes, both what we are drawn to and where we come from… They are reflective of current events, trends, and preferences.

I, for example, would never name my child “Apple.” I hear apple and I immediately think refreshing and crispy but with the occasional stomach ache… Not things I would want someone to associate with my child.

On the other hand, Arya, inspired by my favorite character from the Game of Thrones (GOT) book series, Arya Stark… is the perfect name for my yearling, who is quite and steady, yet willing to take risks.

I have a new addition to my herd, Talento. He is a 17 hand Lusitano gelding trained and shown in dressage thru Prix St George (entry test to international testing). He was originally imported from Spain and remained a stud until he was nine years old when the previous owner decided it would be easier to compete a gelding vs a stud. Talento is now 14 and well behaved, with the occasional stud action of nickering to mares he thinks are attractive or interesting.

He is training all the upper level movements and I have a lot to learn.  In other words, he’s fancy. Even his name is fancy! So it’s time for a barn nickname. Something worthy of all that he is … Handsome, talented, highly trained, kind eyed but also fun, even a bit silly.

Since I’m a car buff I go to names like Bugatti, Maclaren, Lambo, Vanquish… You get the idea.

But I also recognize this horse has a lot to teach me so I consider names like: O Be One, Yoda, Jedi, Spock….

I’ve used several names from the GOT series lately so I’m ready to branch out. Plus, it backfired last time  when I called my dog Ghost, who is a strong, mysterious character. When I discovered I should have called him Hodor, a noble if not tragic character who knows one word, his name Hodor, and uses it in all sorts of tones and inflections to convey meaning. This character is not bright and neither is my dog. So Hodor would have been a more appropriate name for his mental state.

So you can see my dilemma, it why for the next two weeks  I will take suggestions while I give you tidbits about Talento’s personality and quirks as I learn them. All this will occur on a Twitter. The contest ends November 7th and the winner will receive a $25 Starbucks coupon. So log onto Twitter and send me your name suggestions. Talento and I thank you in advance for your participation and look forward to your entries!


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    I’d go with “Malamin.” It’s Hausa for teacher. It can be shortened to something cutesy too.

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