The Power of Pause

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In the past year and a half I’ve been working on my eagala advanced certification. The bulk of this work involves working with a mentor reflecting on how we as practitioners can influence session. We can influence session through our own agenda for the client, our conscious and unconscious feelings toward the client or our team, or our own stuff being reflected in the horses…to name a few ways.  Taking time to reflect on sessions with a mentor to learn about these possibilities and how to develop awareness to avoid these pitfalls is a wonderful opportunity for personal and professional growth.

I had a lot of learning opportunities through this process but the one that stood out to me the most… a process I will continue to work on probably for the rest of my life, is the power of pause. Pausing after an aha moment or during a challenging circumstance allows time for  reflection, identification of what is really important and acceptance of current circumstances. The pause in session also allows the facilitation team to prioritize the client’s story vs our own thoughts and helps us all to consider the next possible steps.

In a world that rushes us from one milestone to the next taking time to pause is a really powerful tool and very difficult task to follow through on. The external message is “go go go! Be busy. Be productive.” so then our internal message can be “I’m a bad person for taking time to be quiet.”

However, the power of pause is an effect tool across many modalities with both people and animals. We know it works.  So how can we give ourselves permission to follow through on this opportunity. Perhaps if you assign this as a task then you can practice the power of pause and note if it helps you and how?


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    Hi Helena
    Thanks for reminding me about the power of the pause. Great to hear about your preparation for your advanced certification.

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