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Detail of Atlas Captive by Michelangelo

It’s been two weeks since the eagala 16th annual conference and I’m still digesting all the great workshops, conversations and inspirational ideas.

A year ago I officially launched Blue Moon Mending. I have been sculpting the idea of the company for over ten years. I knew starting my own company was risky. 80% of start-ups fail within the first 2-3 years and it takes 3-5 years to really establish a lucrative venture.

I don’t let the numbers scare me but there are days when I wish I just had “a normal job.”

I love art in all it’s forms. But I love knowing the artist’s story more. It enhances the art work for me and inspires me to challenge myself.  In college I studied Michelangelo and had a wonderful opportunity to see many of his works in person.

Michelangelo is a genius. His spirit lives on through his work both finished and unfinished. Most people associate him with the incredible frescos of the Sistine Chapel but I always think about his sculptures. Michelangelo was a rebel and often acted out through his work. So many of his pieces are filled with his rebellion to the world around him. His unwillingness to listen to the numbers.

Frescos are incredibly difficult and take many layers to gain the proper effect. Working with marble is painstaking and the dedication to vision is astounding to me. How did he take his vision and translate it painstakingly for years into a piece. How did he stay motivated?

It turns out he took breaks and he had many different projects going to keep him engaged. This infuriate his benefactors. They wanted him to be linear completing one project at a time. He fought with them regularly to maintain his artistic expression and creativity.

And he didn’t always finish what he started…

Owning a business is a similar challenge. You need to make and keep it your own but you alsoDavid-002 need to be accountable to your customer base, your contracts and your shareholders. It is a daily challenge and not every business will survive the process.



But to not try means the block of marble remains a block. To try and not complete still inspires. To inspire, either yourself or others… now that’s a beautiful thing.







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  • Jane Illing-Pike
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    Very encouraging

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