Helping the healers


This week Shannon and I had the opportunity to work with the Veteran Trauma Recovery Program of the Inland Empire Pacific Northwest. They were doing a team retreat for an opportunity of growth and learning. One of the team members is eagala certified and has been working hard to introduce the team to the benefits of the eagala model equine psychotherapy and personal development.

I’ve been working for over a year to develop this opportunity for eagala and Blue Moon Mending.

The morning of the demo the team almost cancelled due to bad weather. But thankfully, they decided to brave the rain and their apprehensions to have us come out and illustrate EAL (equine assisted learning) using their team.

They were pleasantly surprised and found it interesting to place themselves in the client’s shoes. They were also struck by how reflective the horses were on their own team dynamic in just the short period of time we all worked together.

As we reflect on the importance of our military and their sacrifices for our freedom this upcoming Memorial Day let’s also remember the people who support them.

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