When in doubt…

FullSizeRender-9 I have decided to give up doubt. I’m no longer going to allow doubt to infiltrate myself like a drip of water wearing down a stone. This goes past a New Years resolution and into a life mission. I intended to write this post last weekend but got distracted by life. Then I began to reconsider if I should write it at all. I waited.

My distration came in the form of my beautiful horse Obi, pictured above. Obi was introduced  into my life two years ago but became a part of my life in October 2014. He is a kind soul, a hard worker and a blast to ride when he is feeling well.

Obi has not been feeling well most of the time I have owed him. My first thought was this horses’ head hurts. I had his teeth check and cared for, he received several chiropractic adjustments and things improved but not dramatically.

After about six months, I was introduced to a vet from a local university and vet school. She was trained to look past the typical diagnosis and treat the bigger picture. She used ultrasound to discover cervical and lumbar changes which were treated over the course of the next six months and he dramatically improved.

Then he was sore in a different way and somehow I felt it wasn’t different just the same issue manifesting in a different way but I had doubts.

Today we met the vet who will change Obi’s life. She is nationally and internationally recognized for treating horses with these kind of issues. She identified Obi as an unusual case because he wants to work, wants to be happy but struggles with chronic pain. An ongoing headache likely caused by scar tissue in his neck. Injuries that likely occurred long ago and were never properly treated or diagnosed.

We have a plan to confirm diagnosis and a likely treatment plan in place and after all was said and done. She looked me in the eye and said he will get better.

My doubts about having this horse in my life have been squashed. He came to me through a series of unique events. Then I met not one but two vet who specialize in treating his unique set of issues. Obi is where he is supposed to be and he will get better of this I have no doubt.

On the bigger scale of life, how amazing is this situation and all because I did not give into doubt.

How has doubt sabotage your life ambitions?

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