canineAsta and Emma are TDI certified.

Asta is a 14 year old wirehaired fox terrier.

Asta understands the meaning of being present. She started her career as a therapy dog hanging out in my office while I worked at residential treatment center for women struggling with substance abuse. Asta would sit next to me but would move to sit next to my client if she became emotional or sad. Asta can feel when a person needs support. She will sit on a foot or a lap. If neither is what you are interrelated in than she will place herself between us until you decide your ready for her. But be warned once Asta decides your ready it might be hard to get her to let you go.
Asta’s favorite treat: salmon… I know rough life right?

Emma is a 5 year old wirehaired fox terrier.

Emma came into my life just a few months before I lost both of my parents to different health issues. When I bought Emma both her ears folded over but just before my parents passed away her right ear popped up and would not fold back down. Emma is on the alert for trouble. She is the dog park police and will not stand for rough housing. Emma takes time to get to know people but once she decides you are not trouble she will seek to bond with you through a good game of tug of war. Emma is a little warrior and thrives working with other warrior types.
Emma’s favorite treat: raw meat she’s not picky as long as it’s fresh.