Half Day Workshops 2015 schedule


Blue Mooning Mending ACEP # 6692

Contact person and forms completed by Helena Rouhe

Email: hlrouhe@gmail.com or phone 208-818-9416

Blue Moon Mending uses a variety of reflective and experiential techniques to allow the participant to assess the balance in their lives between their emotional, physical and spiritual states. Our trained staff will guide the participant through this process and help them create and hopefully begin to implement a plan for change towards balance.

Each workshop is three hours long, includes refreshments and take home materials. The cost is $90 per workshop or $75 if paid 30 days in advance.

All EAGALA Networking meetings are free of cost and an opportunity to learn more about equine assisted therapy or practice if you are already a practitioner.

“Managing your stuff so your clients don’t have to.” A Personal/Professional Development workshop using a combination of EAL and didactic learning.

“Group Dynamics” – How to effectively facilitate so everyone benefits.

“Social and cultural nuances of working with addictive behaviors”

“Career Development – how to help without taking over”

Webinars are currently being developed.