Riding Lessons

IMG_0069I’ve been an equestrian for the past thirty-five years, I started in pony club for two years. I graduated from my welsh pony to a registered quarter horse. I competed on the quarter horse circuit for six years achieving regional and national titles in western and english. After college I began my dressage career. I have been riding and competing in dressage since 1993. In 1996, I started giving riding lessons as a supplemental income.


AQHA youth competitor 1982-1988
California State Champion in at least three divisions every year in both western and english. Qualified and attended youth world championship in Western Pleasure in 1985. Competed seven different horses during this time. Breed three mares and raised seven foals during this time.
Ranch Manager 1988-1993
My parents owed a 22 acre working horse ranch in Temecula, California. I started helping my mother run the ranch in 1988 and I toke over in 1989. I sold horses and equipment between 1989-1993 to pay for college.
Dressage competitor 1993 – current
I started my dressage career with Carol Plough in Highland California. I have competed training level thru Prix St George with one horse that I bought with first level training experience. I worked with the trainers listed below to increase her and my ability. I have trained five horses in dressage lower level work (training-third level). My most recent horse competed successfully thru forth level. In 2008 we were the southern California regional third level champions. In 2009, he was reserve champion for third level in LA chapter. I currently have three horses. A young horse I am starting myself, a draft mare I ride and use for equine therapy and  a Lusitano proven at Prix St. George training I1-I2/Grand Prix

Todd Crawford AQHA All-Around training/competing 1986-1988
Carol Plough (Regional Competitor) Dressage training/competing 1993-1997
Betsy Steiner (National Competitor) Dressage training/competing 1998-2001
Josh Lyons dealing with difficult horse training 5 day clinic 2003
Sundi Prechtl (National Competitor) Dressage training/competing 2004-2009
My pony club days established a great foundation of horsemanship skills. I learned how to train and recognize similarities and differences in different types of riding during my quarter horse competing days. I’m licensed mental health therapist and use those skills to help riders work through previous traumas, riding accidents, and anxieties.

I know a great deal about how to run a horse facility regarding day to day management as well as planning for basic needs i.e. hay and shavings orders, boarding issues, property maintenance, first aid for animals on the property including horses, dogs, chickens, cattle and goats and a great relationship with our local veterinarian.

My goal is to take what I have learned as a therapist, as an equestrian and personally to enrich people’s lives. I want to help you be all you can be. If that sounds like the Army motto… I blame the past sixteen years with army veterans. Time well spent.