IMG_0125“It’s been tough to work on my recovery and deal with the other people in the house. But working with the horses has given me an opportunity to get away from theses stressors so I can deal with my core issues.” C

“I have always loved horses. Spending time with them I was amazed by their unconditional love and patience. They just waited for me to be ready to deal with my stuff.” C.H. (Veteran)

“This work helps me become raw, allowing me to experience what bothers me and learn how to appreciate my inner voice.” CS

“I have become more confident in my life. I feel dealing with day to day issues is more manageable. ” CR (Veteran)

When I met K six months ago he was very withdrawn, and did not keep up normal hygiene. He was very reluctant to break his routine of watching TV all day. He would only leave his house to step out the back door and smoke cigarettes.

K is benefiting from equine therapy immensely. He has become more social and open to communicating about his childhood and current life situations while interacting with the horses, and this has extended outside the ranch into his daily life. He is generally very difficult to engage in conversation, and is reluctant to get out of his home to do most activities. Even now he typically does not leave his house throughout the week except to engage in services and support groups. Since beginning the program he has started bathing regularly, getting out for walks and journaling childhood experiences. He tells stories about the horses he had growing up, and how he took care of them. His psychiatrist, counselor, CBR and family members have all noticed a dramatic change in his disposition and activity level. He truly comes to life on the ranch. (David G B.A. CBRS)